Former Zimbabwe minister Mzembi files 10 Million Dollar law suit against Corruption Commission


Dr. Walter Mzembis is one of the most known respected and talked about celebrities in world tourism. Before he was appointed as the former Zimbabwe Minister of Foreign Affairs he was one of the longest-serving tourism ministers in Africa. Dr. Mzembi was the African Union candidate for the post of Secretary-General for the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) but lost the election last year as the number two.

After the military takeover of his country Zimbabwe, he was accused by the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission with two different criminal lawsuits. His passport was recently confiscated and he was released from custody posting a $400.00 bail in one case and a $300.00 bail in another case.

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People close to Mzembi confirmed to eTN, the former minister has been harassed and accused of utterly ridiculous crimes to get him arrested. “The charges are bogus and there is a lack any evidence. The new regime is dirty.” These are the words of a well-known leader of Zimbabwe’s travel and tourism world. He spoke off the record.

Today Dr. Walter Mzembi has filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) commissioner Goodson Nguni. Mzembi is alleging that Nguni wilfully published falsehoods when he claimed that Mzembi had gone into hiding, before his latest arrest.

Mzembi alleges in his summons filed at the High Court of ZImbabwe on Wednesday

In the statement, the defendant (Nguni) sounded that Zacc was hunting for the plaintiff (Mzembi). In his words, the defendant said that: ‘we have been looking for him since last Friday’ and to the contrary he says ‘he said he will hand himself over’. How can they be hunting for a person who is at his house and who always hands himself to the authorities when required to do so?

…The defendant as alluded is a Zacc commissioner and is employed in that capacity. However, he appears to have had incorporated the office of the spokesperson of Zacc and has since adopted and assumed the roles of the latter’s office

…Given the circumstances of the plaintiff, a lot of business which would have earned him an income for survival has been subrogated and compromised.


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