The organizing committee of FITUR 2010, chaired by Salvador Santos Campano, approved in its meeting last Friday, April 24, some new features for the next edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair, which will take place from January 20-24, 2010. The main contribution is the different proposals of support to participants at this annual event. Santos Campano underlined the trade fair’s commitment to the sector, saying: “We are aware of FITUR’s invigorating role to the industry. Now more than ever, we need to foster companies’ attendance at the event so they may benefit from the advantages and business opportunities the trade fair offers them. To achieve this, we want to contribute to the promotion and stimulation of the promotional work being developed by tourism companies by offering them the best possible professional framework and the most effective business and projection space for their activity.”

The trade fair, organized by IFEMA, will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, commemorating three decades in which it has become the indisputable forum for the Spanish tourist industry and an international benchmark and is among the world’s top three trade fairs dedicated to tourism.

New support measures
With the objective of supporting the efforts involved in business participation in the midst of an especially complicated economic climate, IFEMA has agreed on a series of measures for the next edition of FITUR. The first of these being to freeze the price of exhibition space, which remains the same as in 2009. Secondly, it has decided to apply a 10 percent discount to services booked online, through the Exhibitors Area on the FITUR website . At the same time, it has established substantial discounts for the application of certain services, including a 25 percent discount for cable Internet access, and will further increase the bandwidth to improve Internet access.

The exhibiting companies will have the option of renting an equipped stand package, including the exhibition area, furniture, and services in the price, and benefit from a 4.5 percent cost reduction.

Space distribution
Together with these measures, a reorganization of the trade fair has also been approved, concentrating the presentation of exhibitors in the area of central activity, which is, halls 1 to 10. In this way, hall 1 will be fully devoted to visitor registration, whereas the rest of the odd-numbered halls (3, 5, 7, and 9) will house the official Spanish bodies. The even-numbered halls will be occupied by the international exhibitors: Asia/Pacific will be located in number 2, hall 4 will house American and African bodies, and halls 6 and 8 will share the European area. Another area of 8 and also 10 will accommodate companies’ proposals. FITUR CONGRESOS will occupy halls 12 and 14.

Within this reorganisation, there is a specific space earmarked in hall 8, in the business area, for Spanish incoming agencies – a section created at the request of the trade fair participants to provide them with their own identity and which causes great interest among the foreign trade visitors. In this way, FITUR’s internationalization is maximized, and visitors are able to quickly and easily locate all the proposals promoting Spain as a destination.

FITUR awards
The traditional annual FITUR awards ceremony will take place once again next May 19. These prizes, which are nominated during the course of the trade fair, give recognition to the stands with the most attractive design within the different national, international, and company categories, and the best active tourism products, which have taken part in the trade fair (in collaboration with the magazine Aire Libre), as well as the most innovative research work carried out over the past year into the tourism sector.