Would you stand in a glass box jutting out from the side of the Sears Tower, with nothing but an inch and a half of glass between you and the pavement, 103 floors down?

In a little over a month, you’ll have that option, terrifying as it may be.

The Sears Tower will open four glass enclosures, called the Ledge, on the Skydeck’s West side by early June.

The Ledge enclosures will extend more than four feet beyond the building, and will be retractable so they won’t interfere with window washers.

Similar glass-floored views at the Grand Canyon and the CN Tower inspired the Ledge.

The Skydeck hopes the new attraction will draw more visitors, particularly locals who may have given up on going to the top of the Sears Tower.

The glass will be three layers thick and each layer will be a half-inch thick.

The balconies will be able to hold about five tons.

The Ledge will be part of regular Skydeck admission of $14.95.