Travel news: bikini tourist charged with indecency in Dubai


A Brit tourist was hauled before a judge in Dubai yesterday after walking through the world’s biggest shopping mall in a bikini.

The London woman, in her 20s, was on holiday in the Middle Eastern emirate, when she upset locals in the Dubai Mall with her “revealing clothing”.

She was wearing clothes on top of her bikini, but after getting into an argument with an Arabic woman over her outfit, it was alleged the Brit stripped off.

The Londoner was charged with indecency and forced to surrender her passport.

But yesterday after spending an hour explaining her behaviour to a judge in a Dubai police station the charges were dropped.

She is due to fly home tomorrow.

Dubai attracts more than a million Brit tourists a year, but it has strict laws on decency, and many Brits have been prosecuted in the emirate over behaviour which would be tolerated in the UK.

Estate agent Charlotte Adams, 26, and Ayman Najafi, 24, were jailed for a month in Dubai earlier this year for kissing and fondling in a restaurant.