A respected artist who has exhibited in some of London’s best known galleries was being held in a cell last night after an alleged air rage incident in which she tried to bite cabin crew.

Galina Rusanova, who lives in London, attacked airline staff, “snapping like a dog”, after her plane home from Los Angeles was diverted to Maine, according to court reports. The 54 year-old had allegedly become rowdy three hours into the flight, disturbing fellow passengers after consuming prescription drugs, wine and a bottle of liquid hand soap from the plane’s toilet.

A court in Bangor, Maine, held her in custody on charges of assault and interference with a flight crew and she is due to return to court tomorrow. Court papers said she kicked and punched staff on the United Airlines flight before dropping to the floor and trying to bite a crew member. Prosecution papers claimed she was later restrained with handcuffs before being arrested on the ground by FBI agents.

“It’s typical of me. I sometimes do crazy things,” Ms Rusanova allegedly said to police during questioning.