This is your captain speaking: please prepare for turbulence


SANTA BARBARA, CA – Before taking a trip research the weather in flight and at your destination. Pack accordingly and double check that your most important documents aren’t left behind. Once onboard note your seat assignment, exit routes, and the available space in overhead bins. This preparation leads to a safer more expeditious journey. According to Captain Karen Kahn, setting and subsequently achieving personal goals is similar – be prepared, alert, and informed – it creates a smoother flight path to success.

For veteran pilot, motivational speaker, and author Captain Kahn, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” turbulence will strike, be it at 30,000 feet or in everyday life. The turbulence of today’s economy is creating havoc for many, similar to thunderstorm in flight. Unemployment, unexpected illness, foreclosure – all have shattered an increasing number of lives across America. Preparedness is the key, advises Captain Kahn, as she offers guidelines on how to prevent and overcome unexpected turbulence.

“I teach a proactive approach to being prepared for life’s turbulent climate, be it the weather or the economy. The same principles I apply in my demanding profession as a commercial airline pilot are applicable to any arena of life – prepare properly and wisely, and you’ll be ready,” commented Captain Kahn.

Several of Captain Kahn’s preparedness tips for success include:

Plan Ahead
Small precautions have big payoffs. Slowdown to take inventory of loose ends and potential hazards that can prevent adverse consequences along the way.

Fasten Your Seatbelt
A seatbelt acts as a grounding mechanism and having a solid foundation, such as a website, friend, or professional mentor can keep you safely on course.

Stow your luggage
Literal and figurative baggage in life is an obstacle for success. Be proactive: pare down, rearrange, and reorganize, because planes, as well as lives, have a “max weight” for travel.

Be a Steward
On a plane, as in life, it is of the utmost importance to be a steward of your personal and shared space. Be respectful of yourself and those around you.