War on illegal pornography


WASHINGTON, DC – The US Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments indicating that the US is losing the war on child pornography is troubling but not surprising, according to Patrick A. Trueman, former chief of the US Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section in the Reagan and Bush I administrations.

Trueman currently heads the War on Illegal Pornography, a coalition effort of many national, state, and local groups working to encourage enforcement of federal laws against obscene adult pornography.

“The Attorney General should be commended for offering increased resources to combat child exploitation, especially for the addition of thirty-eight new federal child porn prosecutors,” said Trueman.

“Attorney General Holder would be well advised, however, to also vigorously prosecute illegal adult pornography and not just child pornography, Trueman urged. “This would prevent many from ever getting involved with child pornography because many child pornographers today are not pedophiles and likely did not have a natural attraction to child pornography prior to their involvement with pornography. Rather they began with adult pornography but moved to harder and more deviant material and eventually to child pornography to maintain their sexual excitement,” he added.

Trueman is the founder of the website www.PornHarms.com , which categorizes and posts peer-reviewed studies on the harm from pornography. Several studies and news articles on www.PornHarms.com discuss the brain science of pornography, which indicates that regular consumers of porn are at risk of brain manipulation and addiction leading to increasingly deviant behaviors, including, for some, an interest in child pornography.

Trueman noted that federal law prohibits distribution of hardcore obscene adult pornography on the Internet and on cable/satellite, as well as hotel/motel pay-per-view TV and in sexually-oriented businesses or other retail shops.

“The nation is flooded with illegal adult pornography in almost every medium, which is providing fuel to the fire of child pornography and yet, the Department of Justice has not indicted any distributers of such material in the past two years,” Trueman said. “Child pornography will not disappear with the prosecution of adult pornographers, but if the Department of Justice targets the top distributors of illegal adult pornography, the easy access to such material would disappear and prevent many from taking the road of sexual deviancy down to child pornography,” said Trueman.

“Attorney General Holder has in the past supported federal obscenity prosecutions,” noted Trueman. “When he was Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration, General Holder sent notice to all 93 United States Attorneys reminding them of their obligation to prosecute the major producers and distributors of obscenity, and so we know he realizes the importance of these cases. The War on Illegal Pornography is urging him to raise the priority of obscenity cases now.”

Federal and state governments are spending increasing millions of dollars each year to curb child pornography. “Government cannot solve the child pornography crisis in America unless it takes a broader approach than currently pursued and looks to the root causes of such deviancy. Easy access to adult pornography in society is one great cause,” Trueman said.


The War on Illegal Pornography, a coalition effort of many national, state, and local groups working to encourage enforcement of federal laws against obscene adult pornography. For more information, visit www.PornHarms.com and www.youtube.com .