Poll: Americans are world’s worst-dressed tourists


SUFFERN, NY – More than 47% of 1,000+ people from 70 countries who responded to an online survey said that Americans are the world’s worst-dressed tourists. German travelers came in a distant second with just under 14% of the votes.

Here’s the good news! Americans who are planning a late summer vacation still have time to make a good impression on their fellow travelers. dressbarn style experts offer some simple fashion rules to help shoppers pack some style into their vacation wardrobes.

Rule 1: Leggings are NOT pants. Leggings are a style trend nation-wide. They are easy to pack and can be a comfortable and stylish choice for travel, if you keep some simple guidelines in mind: DO: Pack darker leggings in a better quality. DO: Cover your leggings up with a lightweight tunic or longer shirt that falls below your derriere. DON’T: Treat leggings like pants. Refer to Rule 1!

Rule 2: Never Pair Sneakers with a Summer Dress. Soft, comfortable dresses in soft floral prints say “summer” in any language. We know you want to be comfortable but anchoring your breezy look with clunky shoes or sneakers is a fashion faux-pas. Instead, DO: Pair your “flowy” dress with comfortable, open-toed sandals. DO: Pick a print that’s designed to blend in, not stand out. DON’T: Don’t think you have to sacrifice style for comfort. Style and arch support do co-exist.

Rule 3: Leave Your Fanny Pack with Your Hiking Gear The name says it all: Fanny Pack. Wrapping one of these around your waist highlights an area you probably don’t want to draw attention to! First, keep in mind that dressing for your body type is key for all occasions, at home and away. Then, DO: Skirt the issue! Start fresh with a long white skirt that flatters your figure; then pair it with neutrals to blend in, not stand out, in a crowd. DO: Opt for simple flat sandals that are as comfy as sneakers. Refer to Rule 2! DO: Choose a small shoulder bag to carry your belongings. DON’T: Dress in loud prints or other attention-grabbing accoutrements.

Rule 4: Don’t Let Summer Breezes Blow Your Style Away You’re showing your style in a simple summer dress when the weather turns cool. Be prepared by keeping these tips in mind: DO: Take along a crop cardigan or shrug that blends with the colors of your outfit. DO: Top your look with a slim black belt fastened at your waist for a tinier, more flattering silhouette. DON’T: Cover up your stylish summer look with an out-of-date poncho or out of season sweater.

Rule 5: Leave your Favorite Pair of “Holey” Jeans at Home Yes, jeans are comfortable, and if they’re all in one piece, they are a vacation must. But we suggest being selective. What’s acceptable to your friends may come off as offensive or unwelcoming to others. DO: Pair stylish cuffed “boyfriend” jeans with a soft top for a look that’s feminine and relaxed. DO: Complete the look with a cute, detailed sandal and classic tops that are flirty and fun. DON’T: Wear jeans that are so frayed and torn that they bare more skin than they cover. These are not appropriate anywhere, anytime

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