First luxury show in Rome debuts in September


ROME, Italy (eTN) – The beautiful city of Rome in the Lazio region of Italy will be the location for its first luxury exhibition – Expo Luxe Roma 2010 ( ). Created with the mission to promote culture, art, and the “Italian style,” Expo Luxe recognizes the Lazio region’s history and culture devoted to luxury. Lazio is recognized as a model of high quality thanks to an economic structure consisting of chains of production excellence ranging from high fashion to technology, from the nautical to jewelry, from tourism to wellness.

In the goldsmith sector of Lazio, there are over 1,300 artisans with over 3,000 employees. In the processing and production of gold jewels, the Lazio region ranks among the top places in Italy; history and tradition here have an appreciable impact on the development of the goldsmith, so loved in the world thanks to the ability of artisans with their accurate workmanship, originality, style, quality, and technology.

With Expo Luxe, Lazio presents itself as a reference point for those on a quest for excellence. The region seamlessly blends the present with the future, while traces of a long and rich history are everywhere: the necropolis, countless palaces, and medieval villages perfectly kept, and in Rome, the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel.

Lazio is also known worldwide for its good taste, aesthetic sense, class shopping, demanding tastes, and the oldest traditional Italian products that are set off in high-level items. The key to success of the Lazio region is a mixture of tradition and modernity that expresses itself at its highest level – that ‘”Italian style” that Expo Luxe and World & Pleasure magazine ( ), organizers of Expo Luxe Roma 2010, want to promote.

From September 17-19, 2010, the spotlight will be on the first-time grand opening of Expo Luxe and with it the imprint to the Lazio Region as a “luxury region” with a particular eye on charity. Expo Luxe is, as a matter of fact, set up in the interest of charity: the total funds raised through the implementation of a lottery at a gala dinner and auction will be donated to charity.

“The new frontier do[es] not lay solely on costly items but mainly on products of excellence of the Lazio region that recall an authentic lifestyle, since luxury is not only a powerful engine of the productive and communication system, but it contributes to improve the quality of life. Today, luxury is seen as an autonomous and conscious choice that looks at the essence rather than luxury distinction based on money,” said Dr. Alejandro G. Jantus, president of Expo Luxe and editor of World & Pleasure magazine.