Official: Chile wants more tourists from Asia


SANTIAGO – Chile hopes to attract more tourists from Asia, especially from China, Japan and India, said Jacqueline Plass, director of Chile’s National Tourism Service.

Ms. Plass said Chile is unique in the world with its great variety of natural scenes. As a perfect tourist destination, it is considered “the end of the world.”

It is renowned for the world’s driest desert Atacama in the north, the extended territory of modern cities, the exquisite beaches, rich vineries, the original culture of indigenous Mapuche, the amazing beauty of the virgin land in Patagonia, and the Antarctic glacier.

As an initial step, Chile’s National Tourism Service will join hands with ProChile, the Trade Commission of Chile, and other institutions for a one-year promotion program.

They will set up a number of offices at travel agencies and tourism-related sectors in China to enhance better understanding of the South American country among the Chinese.

In addition, Chile will launch a comprehensive publicity campaign for tourism to the Chinese public.

Plass told Xinhua that Chile is designing routines for Asian tourists who will come to South America during major sports events such as World Cup 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games, both to be held in Brazil.

She said Chinese sports fans who will travel across the Pacific Ocean for these events may also like to take the opportunity to witness Chile’s unique natural beauty they should not miss.

Sharing the fabulous scenic resources of the Patagonia, Chile and Argentina are currently working together on a promotion program in major cities of China, hoping to attract Asian tourists with an integrated package which includes the best scenery from both sides of the Andes.

Despite the earthquake that hit Chile on Feb. 27, “the tourism sector has not been affected,” said Plass.

She also said that Chile has a relatively low crime rate among South American countries, and that Asian tourists will have a safe, worry-free trip there.