Why You Should Consider Visiting Israel Instead This Year


We can all get into the habit of visiting the same holiday destination year on year, but we’re here to tell you that should really broaden your horizons and visit somewhere you’d never even dreamed of! Visiting your classic European holiday countries such as Greece and Spain will require you to renew EHIC card, but this isn’t necessary when visiting Israel! Plus, you really won’t miss out from the world’s wonders when visiting Israel, as there are many spectacular landmarks just waiting for your arrival! Still unsure? Here are some more reasons as to why you should visit Israel instead this year.

The Religious Experience

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Israel is renowned for its religious presence, and while people often perceive this as a negative trait, it’s one of the country’s greatest assets. As you probably already know, Jerusalem is home to some major religious sites, with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the al-Aqsa Mosque to name just a couple. When visiting the same holiday destination over and over again, it can be easy to shut off your mind to the rich and dynamic religions that are present all across the world, so the land of Jerusalem is definitely a place to go if you want to experience something different yet meaningful.

It’s Ideal All Year Round

When going on holiday, people are often restricted to only visiting at certain times of the year. For example, holidays to Florida are extremely popular, but despite August being one of the prime months to go on holiday, people often have to avoid this time due to sometimes perilous hurricanes. Not at Israel though, as this destination is perfect throughout all seasons! Due to its Mediterranean climate, Israel has hot summers, yet the winters are also partial to some sun as well, with temperatures still hitting the 70of mark on average!

The Israeli Cuisine

People are often very ignorant to the cuisine that’s on offer in Israel, simply because it’s rarely embraced in many countries. However, you’d be surprised at how succulent and delicious Israeli cuisine is, with organic produce being grown and sold from local markets that make meals a whole new level of tasty! From Jewish Yemenite to Druze, there are so many Israeli restaurants that offer innovative yet undeniably delicious Israeli cuisine. You never know – you could find your next favourite dish!

Natural Wonders

There are many beautiful places on this earth, and it’s safe to say that Israel fits right under that category. Many find the Mediterranean coast a marvel, and while Israel falls onto this coast, there are many more wonders to behold beyond the coastline. In Southern Israel, you can find the Negev Desert which is truly stunning and vast, whereas in the east, the Dead Sea spreads for miles, stretching as far as the eye can see. In fact, the Dead Sea is the lowest elevation on the surface of the planet, so you really get the opportunity to view some of the most impressive landmarks in the world here.

Understandably, countries such as Italy may have the classic holiday-factor with resorts perfect for lounging by the pool, but Israel will provide you with an experience that you’re not going to forget any time soon. With bespoke cuisine and religious roots, visiting Israel is guaranteed to open your eyes to something truly extraordinary.

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