Rome slated to become more expensive in 2011


As Americans chose Italy as their number one international vacation destination, Rome is sure to top their lists of must-see cities. It’s no wonder that due to the high amount of tourists the Eternal City gets, they can bring in more profits by charging tourists a little extra.

According to the Associated Press, Italian officials said Thursday, that the Rome city hall is looking to charge tourists a few extra euros (dollars) in tax for hotels and some museums.

The tax, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2011 will apply to other tourism services as well, such as double-decker tour buses, bars and restaurants set up along the bank of the Tiber river and tour boats, said Mauro Cutrufo, deputy mayor of Rome.

This comes after the highly debated nightly hotel tax was reported after Prime Minister’s Berlusconi’s government planned to slash €200 million euros from its annual contribution to the city of Rome. Therefore Roman officials had proposed a hotel tax of up to €10 euros per person, per night. The tax amount would be based on the number of stars assigned to a hotel by the Italian government.

Many hoteliers were up in arms and urging the city to find other revenue sources. The hotel tax was proposed for this fall.

Meanwhile, Italian officials are seeking to raise some €25 million euros in private money to finance the restoration of the Colosseum. They will be accepting bids from possible sponsors from Aug. 4 to Sept. 15.