Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania to expand


(eTN) – Information was received from conservation sources in Arusha that government has approved the expansion of the Gombe Stream National Park from its present 33 square kilometers to nearly 60 square kilometers, almost doubling it in size. Gombe Stream is famous for its chimpanzee populations. The boundaries of the park will now push right to the shores of Lake Tanganyika, permitting the animals to migrate to the lake shores without leaving the protected area in their search for food and water.

Gombe has been a park well known to specialist clientele, but due to the distance from the main centers not easily accessed by road, making journeys to the park using aircraft is more expensive and thereby limits market penetration. Those who have visited Gombe and the not-too-far-off Mahale National Park, have come back literally stunned by the scenery and their safari experience, which they brought back from this remote corner of Tanzania.

The last major park to be expanded in Tanzania was the Lake Manyara National Park, which now fully surrounds the entire lake, again offering greater protection to the game, securing migration paths, and a offering a wider area for visitors to see within the park.