Technology to make guest dreams a reality


Technology now allows us to make guest dreams a reality, as will be demonstrated by ITH with the collaboration of Altran, BeCheckin, Chapp Solutions, Cosentino, Earpro, Gennion, HP, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nethits, Philips Lighting, Pikolin, Roca, SERGLOHOT, Uponor and Zennio, presenting the latest technological developments for hotels at the upcoming FITUR staging in Madrid, Spain.

The Hotel Technology Institute (ITH) is again suggesting to its trade visitors at FITUR that they let their imagination run free and marvel at the customization options for experiences that the most advanced technology is placing at the disposal of hotels and their guests.

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Collaborating with ITH at this staging of FITUR 2018 are Altran, BeCheckin, Chapp Solutions, Cosentino, Earpro, Gennion, Globe, HP, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nethits, Philips Lighting, Pikolin, Roca, Uponor and Zennio, companies whose technology solutions for hotels will transform #techYhotel into an intelligent space where guests can interact in a natural and intuitive way with each one of the hotel’s services.

A mirror with facial recognition will welcome visitors, who will be able to check in automatically and receive their electronic key and adjust aspects such as temperature, sound or audiovisual experiences in the room. Knowing the hours of sleep and rest level achieved, booking additional services or receiving useful information based on preferences and agenda will all be fully customisable aspects they will be able to access, using their voice or just one device.

Hi!, the intelligent hotel solution developed by Altran, will be the tool integrating the various solutions developed by BeCheckin, Chapp Solutions, Gennion, HP, Nethits or Zennio, among others, enlivening the #techYhotel space, allowing us to experiment first-hand with the up-and-coming reality, IoT, the Internet of Things.

Sound, lighting and intelligent screens, which Earpro will bring to the professionals visiting #techYhotel, will be responsible for creating this unique atmosphere that will bring us into this personal and exclusive experience that the hotel or the guests themselves will be able to modify, adjusting their profile, preferences, needs and time of the day.

Rest, comfort, convenience and design will arrive hand in hand with Cosentino, Pikolin, Roca, SERGLOHOT or Uponor, making us discover surprising novelties such as a smart mattress or a climate-controlled wall capable of changing color, among many other novelties also relating to the use of materials and styles that bring warmth to each space and give it its own personality.

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eTN is a proud media partner at FITUR in Madrid.

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