Aviation news: Rwanda signs Open Skies agreement


(eTN) – Information was received last week from Kigali that Rwanda has, on the sidelines of the ICAO Air Services Negotiation Conference in Jamaica, recently signed an Open Skies agreement with Singapore to facilitate the start of air services as and when demand has made flights feasible. Singapore Airlines presently only flies to Johannesburg/South Africa and Cairo/North Africa with passenger services, although a cargo service has been launched to Nairobi/Kenya last year.

It is there that the most likely added passenger service will come as the global economy recovers further and RwandAir could then conceivably codeshare the remaining sector between Nairobi and Kigali. Considering that Singapore Airlines is also a member of the global Star Alliance and the close ties between RwandAir on one side and Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa on the other side – both Star members, too – there are interesting constellations arising in the future, worth watching.