Transforming FITUR into a branded experience


In a model of disruptive communication geared to changing contemporary habits on social networks into true advertising technology, FITUR is transforming everything that happens at the event into a “branded experience.”

FITUR 2018 is offering an ideal framework for digital technology to strengthen new rules in the industry, in an unavoidable change that certain businesses will be undergoing.

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To that end, an innovative, cutting-edge channel of communication has been opened up by the YouShow App, giving access to real-time video content, broadcasting everything that happens at the fair and making it go viral on the social networks.

The YouShow app for smartphones will let users record FITUR events (brand actions at the stands, activities, presentations, etc.), incorporating the corporate identity of the destinations and participating businesses at the fair and immediately posting them on social networks, thereby generating a disruptive model of communication aimed at overcoming the deficiencies of traditional advertising found in the Millennial generation and transforming their contemporary social networking habits into genuine advertising technology. The result is a level of impact that was previously inaccessible.

Furthermore, YouShow technology provides precise statistics on how each video performs, made easily accessible on each user’s profile. For the brands, it is a revolution in the study of the behavior, tastes and lifestyle of customers today, integrating strategies for user-generated content and real-time broadcasting.

eTN is a proud media partner at FITUR in Madrid.

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