Kenya ferry mishap raises fresh concerns


(eTN) – A recent early morning incident involving one of the recently-commissioned new ferries for the Likoni channel crossing, has raised fresh concerns among ferry users.

The docking on the island side reportedly failed for yet undisclosed reasons, either mechanical or through human error, and when the ferry was then carried off, after stalling, due to the currents and prevailing winds, it hit two moored ships before being stabilized.

The old ferries were causing constant problems with breakdowns, but there were also allegations, now being renewed, that skills by the staff operating and maintaining the ferries needed strengthening and improving through vigorous training to ensure constant safe and secure operations.

This latest incident will add further pressure on government to finally go ahead and construct a new road and dam linking the Nairobi–Mombasa road and the international airport directly by road link to the south coast and reduce reliance on the ferry connection.