A night at the movies doesn’t sound like much, but those who showed up at theaters in Riyadh and other Saudi cities on Sunday evening thought it was a very big deal.

In fact, no one in the audience younger than 35 was even alive when the last film was screened in the kingdom.

The opening of the cinema industry is another indication of the opening of the minds of Saudi leadership that has recently allowed women to drive cars and venture outside without chaperones. The makeshift theaters where films showed were made to be comfortable and create the aura of a movie house – including a supply of pop corn for viewers to enjoy.

Despite the excitement inherent in the return of cinema, Saudis won’t be seeing an extensive listing of cinematic offerings anytime soon. The new theaters will still be off limits to films not deemed to be presentable for families in the conservative kingdom which means children’s movies will be in abundance.


SOURCE: The Medialine.org