Gadaffi’s guards in fist fights at African Union summit


UGANDA (eTN) – As seen before during past state visits, the extra large contingent of security brought by Libyan leader, Gaddafi, came to blows again with their Ugandan counterparts. This time, however, the Presidential Guard Brigade’s staff came out victorious.

Summit rules, to which all attending countries had to sign up to, allowed the main entrance to the venue hall only to be used by the head of state and a strictly limited number of official personnel, including two ministers at a time and their immediate aides. That notwithstanding, and notwithstanding the fact that South African President Jakob Zuma’s security details a few moments earlier fully complied with this rule, Gadaffi’s chaps tried to use the hall again, like a few years ago during the last visit, and promptly got intercepted and pushed forcefully towards the entrance they were supposed to use. Eventually, it took the intervention of the widely-respected Libyan Ambassador to Uganda to end the scuffle and send the umpteen security operatives to the place where they belonged.

In a related development, the local media also reported that the Gadaffi himself slapped an aide in public after apparently being led to a wrong venue for a meeting, and when he eventually arrived at the correct venue, his personal guards again attempted pushing and shoving against Uganda presidential security staff.