A 7.1 earthquake near the Pacific Coast of Central Peru  at 4. triggers a tsunami warning at 4.42 am local time (EST) in Peru pm Sunday morning.

The quakes center was recorded

  • 25.4 km (15.7 mi) SSE of Lomas, Peru
  • 73.1 km (45.4 mi) SSE of Minas de Marcona, Peru
  • 106.9 km (66.3 mi) S of Nazca, Peru
  • 137.6 km (85.3 mi) SSW of Puquio, Peru
  • 216.2 km (134.0 mi) SSE of Ica, Peru

This information was received from the USGS monitoring center in Hawaii.
eTN will update if necessary. At this time no information on injuries is available.

The Lomas de Lachay (Lachay Hills) is a national reserve in the desert foothills of Huaura Province in Lima region of Peru. The reserve is located 105 kilometres (65 mi) north from the capital Lima and features a unique mist-fed ecosystem of wild plant and animal species. It expands across an area of 5,070 hectares (12,500 acres). Similar small isolated areas, called Lomas, are found scattered up and down the Peruvian and Chilean coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Lomas de Lachhay is one of the best preserved and protected.