Warsaw’s Chopin Airport shuts down after plane crash-lands on runway


Warsaw’s main international airport has been forced to close after a plane landed on the runway without its front landing gear.

Emergency services were called to the scene after a Polish Airlines flight from Krakow to Warsaw reported landing gear issues to ground control. The son of one of the passengers tweeted a picture of the plane prone on the tarmac while firefighters sprayed fire retardant around the cabin.

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Posting to Twitter, Chopin Airport confirmed the incident but said no injuries had been reported.

A passenger aboard another flight said that all services in and out of the airport have been postponed as the plane has come to a stop across both runways.

A similar incident occurred in December when pilots of another Polish Airlines flight reported issues with its landing gear during a descent into Warsaw. Fortunately, the pilot managed to release the landing gear at the last moment. Emergency services were in attendance at the scene