Italian Tourism Board and Veneto eyeing tourists from UAE


(eTN) – ENIT (The Italian Tourism Board) and the Veneto region are working together in a joint promotion plan to develop the flow of tourism from the Middle East. The first initiative in this direction was the creation of a workshop in the Veneto region attended by members of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) area. The operational meeting, organized in collaboration with Promoveneto, the Tourism Promotion Consortium of Verona and Vicenza, the Consortium for the Promotion of Lake Garda, and Bresciatourism, included the participation of 20 sellers from the Veneto area.

Representatives of companies from the Lake Garda area and its inland hotel companies at the luxury level, along with golf courses and amusement parks, met seven of the most significant companies in UAE tourism. The initiative, in conjunction with the Garda Endurance Lifestyle organized by the Ministry of Productive Activities and by ICE (Insitute for foreign trade), was preceded by an educational tour that allowed the guests-buyers to directly experience the beauty of Lake Garda and the most representative hotel facilities of the area.

The Venetian tourist offer is very interesting for visitors coming from the Gulf in both quality and its logistics, since they can enjoy direct air service from Dubai to Venice via Emirates airline.

“ENIT is to develop strongly tourism from the Middle East region through effective marketing strategies to strengthen the ‘Italy brand’ and encourage the marketing of our tourist offer. The new type of tourism, characterized by high-level needs, medium to long-term stay, and [a] high-spending budget will contribute to stimulate the growth of our tourist product and its quality,” said Paul Ruby, the general manager of ENIT.

Another initiative is being implemented by Marino Finozzi, the regional councillor for tourism of the Veneto region, who presents a new challenge for the regional tourism product. The idea is to work on a new field that can integrate the sea areas, mountains, spas, lakes, and city of art, which has been baptized as “cultural landscape.”

The cultural landscape would include very interesting segments. Venetian villas (considered masterpieces of architecture) would be a project that will make unique heritage sites points of interest for visitors. Through the promotion of equestrian tourism, visitors may explore the territory on horseback, while cycling tourism will help to identify the major tourist routes and hiking trails. Within the variety of products Finozzi includes religious tourism, for which, specific plans are to create a movement of religious groups and pilgrimages to incorporate the Veneto region in the large potential of faith tourism. The same goes for wine and gastronomy, which will induce both Italian and foreign tourists to discover the wealth of flavors, tastes, and the typicality of the territory.