Azul is the most on-time airline in Brazil


Azul Brazilian Airlines is the most on-time airline in Brazil and the most on-time low cost carrier (LCC) in the Americas. As reported in the official OAG worldwide airline punctuality rankings, 84.14% of Azul flights arrived within 14 minutes and 59 seconds of their scheduled arrival time. This on-time metric also makes Azul the fifth most on-time LCC in the world.

“This industry-leading result is a direct reflection of our constant focus on operational excellence. Finishing the year as the most on-time LCC in the Americas demonstrates the high standards that we promise and deliver to our customers. This accomplishment is even more impressive considering that we operate almost 800 daily flights and fly to more than 100 destinations, which is approximately twice the number of domestic destinations served by our competitors. I want to thank our crewmembers for their incredible dedication and focus in delivering the best customer experience in the industry”, said David Neeleman, Azul’s founder and Chairman.

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