American tourist reported missing


Police in Oslo are asking for tips from the public after a middle-aged American tourist failed to return to the US after an extensive trip to Norway.

John McLaughlin, a 52-year-old American citizen, arrived in Oslo in late January and planned to travel from one end of Norway to the other, both on skis and by bus.

His family in Colorado has told police they received a postcard from him that was sent from Lillehammer in early February. Since then, they’ve heard nothing from him.

McLaughlin was due to return to the US on March 14. When he failed to do so, his family contacted the police.

“We have few leads,” said Per Olav Utgaard of the Oslo Police District, adding that any tips from the public would be welcome.

Investigators are checking all the lodging accommodations along his planned route, in the hopes of tracking him down. McLaughlin, who has set off on extensive trips before, was said to be in good shape physically.

“We have tried following any electronic tracks he may have made (from a mobile phone or credit card, for example), but he has left few or none,” said Utgaard.