FITUR will anticipate future applications of 5G technology for the tourism industry and more


One of the technological novelties that FITUR 2018 will present will be the result of the progress of the IFEMA LAB 5G research team in the development of different 5G prototypes for application in the tourism sector and the exhibition environment. The applications that will be made public include the “Augmented trade show” and “Travel in time”, which will allow access to all sessions of the show in real time or deferred; “Traductor”, a multilingual real-time interpreter accessible to all attendees to the fair; and “Teleport”, an immersive teleconference service in three dimensions.

The prototypes will serve as an appetizer to learn about the possibilities offered by this innovative technology that will completely transform the way of experiencing tourism and its management in the exhibition environment, thanks to practically unlimited communications, data and computing services that can be accessed in real time.

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New applications include listening to a tour guide from mobile to mobile without going through the network, virtual audio guides, or augmented reality.

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