Aircraft Engineers International (AEI) sent out a press release today indicating their approval of “INAC’s (Portuguese National Aviation Authority) initiatives in dealing with the recent lapses in safety standards at TAP (Portugal’s National Airline) and in particular INAC’s letter condemning the TAP events that AEI reported.”

The release does not say, however, what the safety issues are, nor can one find any information about these safety lapses or the INAC letter via INAC or TAP, or Google, for that matter.

There is a Professional Pilots Rumor Network, which posts a rumor about TAP’s safety in December of last year, and the rumor indicates that TAP:

– falsified maintenance records,
– erased aircraft system faults from aircraft logbooks maintenance, and
– inspections were performed and signed off by unqualified individuals.

The rumor further goes on to say that the airline went to these lengths in oder to “ensure that their flight schedule was met during an industrial dispute rather than announcing flight cancellations.” Comments made about the rumor, however, and in many instances by TAP pilots and employees themselves, indicate that these alleged safety issues have not been proven to be true and point to a political agenda.

Only time and the future news will tell if any or all of AEI’s press release is based in the truth.