SITA World Tours gives travel industry the green light


ENCINO, CA – SITA World Tours is totally committed to operating within the world’s highest environmental standards. Their efforts were recently recognized with the prestigious Green Globe Certification award. The certification reflects new and innovative policies adopted by SITA’s staff worldwide directed at preservation of non-renewable resources. Having cleared a stringent process and third-party verification, Roger Mahal, SITA’s chairman and CEO commented, “We are very proud to have this certification issued to us, as it is an important testament to what is good for our guests, staff, and the many countries we operate in.”

Roger Mahal takes the green commitment personally and is an enthusiastic member of Tourism Cares, an organization dedicated to preserving the travel experience for future generations. He was one of approximately 300 travel industry volunteers on hand June 4 for a day of cleaning, repairing, stacking, and beautifying San Francisco’s Angel Island. Designated one of America’s 10 most threatened historic sites by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the park has a colorful history that pre-dates the Civil War.

According to Angel Island State Park staff, Tourism Cares volunteers did tens of thousands of dollars worth of work, which would have taken state workers months to accomplish. Volunteers removed 85 cubic yards of undergrowth, split and stacked two cords of wood at the Quarter Master building and 48 cords of wood at North Garrison, cleaned and repaired 600 feet of drainage ditch, replaced redwood dividers, picked up 78 cubic yards of garbage, and stacked and organized 2,500 terracotta roof tiles.

The Angel Island project was the first Tourism Cares for America event held on the West Coast.