Minister: Hungarian tourism should double as percentage of GDP


Hungary should double the share of its gross national income generated by tourism and raise the number of workplaces in the sector to 700,000 over the next ten years, National Economy Minister Gyorgy Matolcsy said at a conference on the future of tourism in Parliament.

The time during which the quantity of investments in the tourism industry was the most important is at an end, now developments must stress quality, Mr Matolcsy said. An integrated programme has to be thought out and ties with the health industry reinforced, he added.

Mr Matolcsy called for the creation of a ten-year tourism development plan as well as an act on tourism that would provide a framework of regulations for the industry.

Gergely Horvath, who heads state tourism agency Magyar Turizmus, said a bigger stress has to be placed on building up the country’s image in the long term. One of the main elements of Hungary’s profile is spa tourism, he added.