.Travel salutes green initiatives across the world

.Travel is saluting green travel initiatives across the world for Earth Day 2009.

.Travel salutes green initiatives across the world

.Travel is saluting green travel initiatives across the world for Earth Day 2009. Intended to raise awareness and appreciation of Mother Nature, Earth Day is popular around the world for bringing environmental awareness to the foreground of conversations, organizations, and the news.

As the Internet extension specifically for travel and tourism, .travel has a track record of being popular among many environmentally-friendly travel companies and websites. .Travel honors these four green travel businesses: GreenSpot.travel, ReduceMyFootprint.travel, ClimateSolutions.travel,
and GreenGlobe.travel.

Greenspot.travel designs green adventure and luxury trips to Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, and Nicaragua while only using eco-friendly hotels and lodging. “Our selection of .travel as an integrated component of our name and brand, combined with today’s very identifiable meaning of the word “green,”
allows travelers to easily relate our purpose and offerings to the type of eco-friendly trip they are looking for and greatly eases our ability to be seen in the green travel space online,” said Richard Edwards, co-founder of Greenspot.travel.

ReduceMyFootprint.travel is a carbon-reduction program set up by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) in conjunction with the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO). ReduceMyFootprint.travel estimates one’s carbon footprint and helps one take action to reduce it. “As a
trade organization, it is our corporate responsibility to educate consumers and trade businesses that the decision to travel needs to be part of the carbon emissions equation,” stated Keith Richards, head of business development and consumer affairs at ABTA. “Everything we do on this Earth leaves a carbon footprint, but the efforts to offset that footprint are the difference.”

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Another environment friendly website, ClimateSolutions.travel, aims to be the central gateway for information on solutions available to help the tourism sector respond to climate change. Created by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), anyone may register for free and share solutions in the global effort towards preserving the environment. As tackling climate change is a global priority and a major challenge, the UNWTO launched this initiative on World Tourism Day in September of 2008.

Lastly, GreenGlobe.travel offers the Green Globe Certification seal, which provides a distinguished promotional tool to reach a growing environmentally-aware global consumer market. Through Green Globe’s system, properties are updated and evaluated on a constant basis to ensure the highest international standards. Third-party auditors work on-site, performing evaluations, implementation, solution-finding, and training. Once approved, the properties receive the Green Globe Certification seal demonstrating each travel provider’s environmentally-friendly services.

As climate change affects all aspects of travel, .travel is pleased to see the .travel community doing its part. To learn more about these organizations, please visit, www.climatesolutions.travel , www.reducemyfootprint.travel , www.greenspot.travel , and www.greenglobe.travel. For additional information about .travel, “The Source for All Things Travel,” and registering your .travel name(s), please visit www.travel.travel.

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.Travel is the top-level domain created specifically for the travel and tourism industry. Any participant in the travel industry may own a .travel name. Unlike other top level domains such as .com or .org, relevant content must be published on each .travel site within a year of purchase. For more information on .travel, “The Source for All Things Travel,” please visit www.travel.travel .

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