A Look at Some of the Best Places to Visit for Alternative Medicine

A Look at Some of the Best Places to Visit for Alternative Medicine

A Look at Some of the Best Places to Visit for Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is any practice outside the field of the modern medicine. It is abroad range of healing beliefs, therapies and approaches. Mostly, these treatments are not taught in any medical school. They include acupuncture, chiropractic, homoeopathy, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga and naturopathy. These treatment methods are becoming more popular with each passing day, and it is no surprise to find many people with some form of supplements in their homes that they use to treat various conditions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that 80% of the world’s population has embraced herbal medicine as a means of primary health care services as of today. Some hospitals are also embracing alternative medicine and practising it in conjunction with their conventional techniques. There are many places around the world that are believed to offer some form of spiritual healing and alternative medicine. Ranging from sacred springs to energy grids to ancient mountains, these places act as healing Meccas and many people visit them to witness the wonders they claim to work. People travel to these spots to look for spiritual healing or some other form of alternative medicine. The fact that these places get so many visitors means that there might be some truth to what they claim to deliver to them.

If you are thinking of seeking alternative medicines from either hospitals that offer such healing techniques or from the places mentioned below, it is important that you are covered by travel insurance in case you experience any adverse side effects from any of the alternative treatment you use whilst abroad. If you are seeking alternative medicine, it is a good chance you already have a medical condition. If this is the case it is essential you seek medical travel insurance, which is travel insurance that considers pre-existing medical conditions prior to your trip. This will ensure no pre-existing conditions will go against any claims you may make whilst abroad.

Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

This is one of the ancient spa destinations in the universe with terraced hot springs that are believed to have therapeutic and beautifying capabilities. The waters are rich in carbonate and have exfoliating properties. The public is allowed access to these naturally-heated pools.

Kusatsu Onsen, Japan

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The water in these Japanese hot springs is believed to heal all kinds of illnesses apart from heartache. Here, a traditional bathing technique that has passed down from the early 1600s is used. Visitors first say a quick prayer at a shrine located indoors then proceed for a ritual of pouring water over their heads before soaking in the 118°c water for 3 minutes.

Mount Mitchell, NC

This mountain is part of the Blue Ridge chain and is one of the oldest mountain formations worldwide. People from this area say that it has a nexus of energy due to global ley lines that converge at its peak. For full energy effects, why not hike to the top of the mountain?

Ayers Rock, Australia

This rock is also known as Uluru and is protected by the native tribes. It is home to an energy vortex, and since it sits along a Dreamtime Track, Aboriginal people believe that their deities walked along it as they were creating life at the beginning of time. Climbing this mountain is not allowed, but people swear to feel vibes from simply standing near the rock.

Portland, ME

When you mention the word Maine, what comes to most people’s minds are lobsters and lighthouses. However, did you know that you would also find crystals and alternative medicine there? This city is considered the most spiritual place in New England.

There are in excess of five dozen businesses that are dedicated to alternative or holistic medicine and have set up operations in this busy city. The city is also ranked highly for its gigantic number of Reiki healers. These healers treat a wide variety of illnesses by transferring energy through their hands. You will also find Leapin’ Lizards, which are local gifts, and a holistic centre with the latest wands, pendulums and pentacles.

Des Moines, IA

Are you looking for a down-home Midwestern alternative spirituality? Then, Des Moines comes forth in the highest numbers of studios and yoga schools, and has many alternative medicine practitioners. The city also boasts of Des Moines New Age Shop that offers Tarot 101 classes.

Colorado Springs, CO

This south-central city might not appear as a major mind-body haven. However, it has a big concentration of alternative medical providers, as well as health-food stores, making it a healthy place to visit. The succinctly named Garden of the Gods is full of a broad variety of sandstone formations, and a trio of soaring rock spires is known to bring in epiphany.

This city comes in at number four in the country for acupuncturists, naturopaths, and nontraditional medical practitioners. It also has the 8th-highest number of grocery co-ops and stores that sell health foods. If you visit, make sure to buy some duck eggs and black rice.

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