From March 29, 2009, travelers leaving Armenia are no longer required to pay an on-the-spot exit tax of AMD 10,000 (approximately €20 or US$27) when leaving through Yerevan’s Zvartnots Airport, the country’s major hub.

Up until recently, passengers had to queue to pay the tax before checking in for their flights. And if they didn’t have any local currency left on them, they also had to exchange money first. The charge has now been included within the ticket price making the process of checking in less cumbersome. Travelers within a 450 km range and children under 12 are fully exempt from the AMD 10,000.

In attempt to increase tourist numbers, the Armenian government is also contemplating the introduction of a shorter term and cheaper 30 day visa. Currently, 120-day visas are typically issued at a cost of AMD 15,000 (approximately US$40 or €30).

About ATDA

The Armenian Tourism Development Agency (ATDA) was established as the government’s tourism promotional arm in June 2001. In partnership with private businesses, it aims to market Armenia in local and international markets, and create programs aiding the overall development of Armenia’s tourism industry.