EL AL Airlines relaxing techniques


NEW YORK, NY – With EL AL offering a low average rating of economy class services and a seat width of only 17 or 18,” EL AL Airlines is now promoting wellness techniques, to make travel more comfortable.

These exercises are intended to provide a safe and healthy way of stretching certain muscles, which may otherwise be tight as a result of sitting for any lengthy period of time. Each exercise can be done from any seat, without disturbing neighboring passengers and can be repeated as often as desired but should not be performed if there is difficulty or if pain occurs.

• BACK BENDS: Fold hands behind your head and stretch upward. Then, slowly roll your head down and around in a circle, rising slowly (and change directions).

• LEG JOINTS: Bring knee to your chest, keeping your back in an upright position. Rotate leg in small circles in each direction. Alternate legs.

• SIDE BENDS: Sitting straight up, place your hand on the opposite knee and twist your body in that direction. Repeat the same twist in the other direction.

• SPINAL STRETCHES: Link your hands together and stretch your arms overhead. Bend to the right and to the left.

Additional in-flight exercises can include:

• ANKLE TWIRLS: Lift your feet from the floor. Outline a circle with your toe tips, moving one foot clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Switch directions.

• FOOT PUSHES: Begin with both feet flat on the floor, raising them as high as you can. Then, raise your heels high and keep toes on the floor. Perform this in a continuous movement.

• KNEE LIFTS: Raise your leg with knee bent, contracting the thigh muscle (quadriceps). Switch legs.

• NECK SWIVELS: With shoulders relaxed, lower your ear to your shoulder and gently move your neck to the right side and then to the left.

• KNEE TO CHEST: Bend forward slightly. Wrap your hands around your left knee and hug it to your chest. Hold the contracted position for 15 seconds. Still holding your knee with your hands, lower it slowly. Switch knees.

• FORWARD BENDS: With both feet on the floor and belly contracted inward, slowly bend forward and move hands downward, advancing toward feet. Hold this stretched position for 15 seconds and slowly return to a sitting position.

• SHOULDER ROTATIONS: Arch your shoulders forward, upward and downward in gentle circular movements.

The above exercises are recommended by the Israeli Center of Pilates. EL AL is now serving new health-smart meal options. In addition to the regular menu, a variety of 20 special meals are available in-flight, which must be ordered at least 48 hours prior to departure. EL AL is committed to ensuring all passengers have a pleasant and relaxing experience on every flight.

For additional details on EL AL Airlines in-flight exercise program, visit www.elal.com .