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Technology, data analysis, good practices. These are the directives of the agreement between five Italian cities: Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome and Venice on the campaign “#EnjoyRespect” discussed at the recent BTO (Buy Tourism Online) 2017. The councilors of these municipalities have signed a memorandum of understanding on the management of tourist flows, after laying the foundations in July with the first meeting at Mibact. This is to be an answer to the over-tourism alarm that already has taken shape with the first steps following the indications of UNWTO.

The #EnjoyRespect campaign, which recalls visitors to a correct attitude, was initiated by Venice and taken back from Florence, and will soon arrive in the other municipalities with a loan of about 10 million euros for these new mass tourism management activities.

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“We have a budget, and we can consider ourselves lucky,” admits Paola Mar, Councilor with responsibility for tourism, who said, “We are implementing a control room with a system of counting people, but there is still a technology that meets the need for immediate feedback.

“We are at work, then, on smart signage. And while alternative mobility strategies are being studied in Venice, the tourist newsletter is active with updates on the city on the website and on Twitter and Facebook pages.”

Anna Paola Concia, councilor for tourism in Florence, is banning the word over-tourism: “It is more a matter of governing the development of an industry. We dusted off an old protocol for lobbying.”

A common front solicited was last summer by Adriano Meloni, tourism councilor of Rome, who stressed on the quality of accommodation to attract the flows with intelligence. Isabella Menichini, director of tourism for the City of Milan, sees that a real network is emerging, “And we five, together, can do great things. Sustainability arises from collaboration.”

From Naples, the commissioner, Gaetano Daniele, states that over the last four years, travelers have more than doubled. And this boom coexists with large infrastructural gaps.

Francesco Palumbo, Director General of Tourism of Mibact, which recalls the entry into the Industry 4.0 plan, said: “What is needed in the sector are innovations and researches. Together with these five municipalities, we will work on a uniform data collection system. We do not have to know who has slept in the city, but who will arrive in six months, a year or two” with big data that officially enters public affairs.

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