Italy’s Lombardy invests 1.7 m euro in new tourism campaign

Italy’s Lombardy invests 1.7 m euro in new tourism campaign

Italy’s Lombardy invests 1.7 m euro in new tourism campaign

Consolidating Lombardy as a major tourist destination and enhancing tourism as a driver of economic development, in a logic of integrated attractiveness are the objectives of the new communication campaign “#inLombardia there is so much to discover,” which will be conveyed until 31 January next with billboards, press, radio and TV, digital and social channels as well as guerrilla marketing, with a total investment of around 1 million and 700 thousand euros. Thus, the total investment of € 80 million in the promotion and support of companies during the legislative period of the Lombardy Region, which considers strategic tourism and wants to become the first region of Italy in this sector.

To reach the widest possible audience, in the selection of ways and means such as billboards and video walls, it has been focused on places of great tourist flow, capable of intercepting both the Italian and foreign markets, for a total of 8,000 booked physical spaces.

Examples are the installations located in 13 national and European airport hubs (in particular with the domination achieved at the non-Schengen arrivals of Malpensa, to welcome tourists #inLombardia), in the 10 main national railway stations (including the domination of the Milan Central Station) and in key locations such as Piazza di Spagna in Rome and Campo San Bartolomeo, 20 meters from the Rialto Bridge in Venice, catalyzing the interest of foreign visitors and national visitors.

Abroad, the Lombardy Region wanted to focus in particular on London, with dynamic billboards on the characteristic double-decker buses, and on New York, with approximately 7,200 steps planned on two led screens at Times Square. The #inLombardia campaign is so much to discover will have visibility in the coming months, with a greater concentration in the first weeks of December and during the holidays, a period in which the public tend to be more receptive to travel proposals, and then continue in the month of January on the web and social channels.

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“This campaign – stated the commissioner for economic development of the Lombardy Region, Mauro Parolini – is unprecedented in Lombardy: it is one of the integrated initiatives of tourism promotion shared with the most important territories that we have put in place. In recent years, Lombard tourism has grown in quality and numbers, with surprising positive progress. And the sector has established itself today as one of the primary assets of regional economic development: we can count on a very rich offer, with an unparalleled experiential variety. Strong of this we present ourselves to the internal market and the international one to consolidate the growth trend, create new opportunities and, above all, to light a spotlight on how beautiful Lombardy is to be discovered.”

The campaign will also be joined by the international contest Discover and Win, active from December 2017 to January 2018. The contest, developed in 2 languages, will be supported by a campaign through a dedicated site.

Author: Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy

Mario is a veteran in the travel industry. His experience extends worldwide since 1960 when at the age of 21 he started exploring Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Mario has seen the World Tourism develop up to date and witnessed the destruction of the root/testimony of the past of a good number of countries in favor of modernity/progress. During the last 20 years Mario's travel experience has concentrated in South East Asia and of late included the Indian Sub Continent. Part of Mario's work experience includes multi activities in the Civil Aviation field concluded after organizing the kik off of for Malaysia Singapore Airlines in Italy as an Institutor and continued for 16 years in the role of Sales /Marketing Manager Italy for Singapore Airlines after the split of the two governments in October 1972. Mario's official Journalist license is by the "National Order of Journalists Rome, Italy in 1977.

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