Hilton New York Grand Central guests ratings: The Best and the Worst

Hilton New York Grand Central guests ratings: The Best and the Worst

Hilton New York Grand Central and Hilton Manhattan East seem to be the same when searching for a hotel in New York City.

According to Trip Advisor number 343 out of 470 will be the Hilton New York Grand Central on 304 East 42nd Street, New York City, NY, 10017.

According to  Hilton Hotels and Resorts,  the U.S. hotel group wants you to recognize the property as a  first-class accommodations option in Manhattan, and claims the hotel has high-tech amenities that are part of the reason their guests are pleased with the Hilton Manhattan East, a contemporary and convenient haven on the east side of Midtown.”

A 300-room class act in a 1931 historic neo-gothic tower, the Hilton Manhattan East offers elegantly appointed rooms with luxurious beds sporting Posturepedic mattresses and lavish linens. Baths come with high-end designer toiletries, while spacious workstations feature ergonomic chairs.

Here is what guests that had actually booked and stayed at the hotel had to say.

  • The Hilton Grand Central New York was perhaps the worst experience I have ever had at a hotel, steamboat bad that I probably will never stay at a Hilton again, inexcusable the have no pillowcases. Gross and no accountability from hotel staff.
  • I expect better from Hilton. The TV didn’t work the WIFI didn’t work. The power outlet on the desk didn’t work. The hotel engineer couldn’t fix the TV. The service was horrible. I arrived at 11:30 pm, and when I figured out these issues I demanded a new room, but all sold out. Stay ANYWHERE but here.
  • I stay in Hilton hotels all the time but this one was definitely the worst one I ever stayed in. Staff – grumpy and non-attentive Location – good but as the hotel is located on a busy street the room was extremely noisy Décor – the facilities and the room were very outdated.
  • I stay here often and generally have no problems. Two weeks ago I booked a room and was accidentally charged twice. Stuff happens, I understand. The gentleman at the front desk was helpful and reversed the charge – but I had to wait a week before it cleared my bank. A headache, but again, mistakes happen.
  • Fast forward to this past Friday. My partner was staying in the city and booked a room, pre-paying with one of his cards. This morning I woke up to find the room had been charged to my account. So I call the hotel.
    The supervisor working this evening initially tried to be helpful, but couldn’t seem to understand where I was coming from:
    I was charged, fraudulently, for a room that I did not reserve, book, check-in to, agree to pay for, or authorize payment for. I never presented my card, or gave them the information.
    Turns out when my friend’s card didn’t go through, they just randomly charged another one.
    After an hour on the phone, the supervisor lets me know he could return the charge to my account — AFTER they had reached out and gotten another form of payment from my friend. And then he said it would still be 3-5 business days once it was reversed before it showed up on my account.
    So, between last week and this week, Hilton has charged me fraudulently TWICE for a total of over $500 that is taking well over a week to return to my bank account. Their customer service was aggressively mediocre, and honestly, I would expect more from a company that is essentially taking out a $500 small loan from me.
    But if you want to get scammed while you’re staying in New York, the Hilton’s got you covered.

The manager’s response to all the above complaints was the same:
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We regret that you were not happy with your stay. Please accept our sincere apologies as we are looking into the matter of the noisy air vent.

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We strive to make connections with each guest and attend them with excellent service. We hope that you give us another opportunity to serve you in the future. Thank you for choosing the Hilton Grand Central hotel.

Obviously, the Hilton Grand Central New York has guests that love the hotel as well

Here are some responses from guests that think the Hilton Grand New York was the best.

  • Very friendly staff, nice location. We loved our room. It’s not often that you have a room with an actual private balcony in Manhattan, and ours did, and we definitely made good use of it! We definitely will stay here again.
  • Hi – On a recent trip to the Hilton Grand Central it was raining and I went to the front desk where Kevin & Christina were both working. They were both very friendly and said all of the hotel umbrellas had already been taken; however, Christina told me I could borrow her personal one since her shift wasn’t over for few hours. Wow, I thought, how great was that a member of the team would let me borrow their personal umbrella. Thanks, Christina and Kevin, you are both the best!
  • Booked blind through hotwire.com, received the Hilton. It calls itself the “Grand Central,” but it’s a couple of blocks away from the Station. Nevertheless, an excellent hotel with an art deco vibe. Room was larger than I expected, with windows overlooking 42nd Street. The bed was soft but firm.
  • The bathroom was spacious. Another reviewer complained about the shower requiring instructions —- I had no problem using and appreciated the dial used to set the approximate water temperature. Plus, the tub was the largest I’ve ever seen in *any* hotel. Perfect for a nice hot bath.

The room was small but that isn’t a problem you only sleep in your room.

This full comment summarizes what to expect at  Hilton New York Grand Central.

“We had a standard queen room for 5 nights. Staff was friendly at check-inn and we found our room easily. The room was small but that isn’t a problem you only sleep in your room. However it was very warm. The air-conditioned temperature could only be changed by a couple of degrees!

The bathroom door didn’t close properly and was damaged, the sink had weird stains in it and as did the toilet. I felt for the price we paid it was a let down!

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