Abboud: Airport incident “not to be blown out of proportion”


Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud said Tuesday that the discovery of a body stuck to the tire of a jet bound for Riyadh should “not be blown out of proportion.”

In an interview with ANB television, Abboud said that the airport incidents “happen in countries all over the world.”

He urged an end to the political manipulation of this issue, “particularly since we are at the height of the tourism season.”

Abboud said a meeting set to be held at Beirut airport later Tuesday between the tourism ministry and airport security officials was pre-planned.

It aims to discuss “the implementation of previously discussed issues and is not related to the airport incident,” he stressed.

The meeting comes a day after the resignation of Airport Security Chief Brig. Gen. Wafiq Shuqeir.

Abboud thought that airport electronic management and control systems would be a good idea, urging the installation of surveillance cameras at the airport “to decrease such violations.”