SCTA issues the 2nd edition of Tourist Safety and Security directory


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) recently issued the 2nd edition of the tourism directory “Tourist Safety and Security” in English and Arabic. The directory offers important information on tourist’s safety and security in an effort to ensure an organized and interesting trip for tourists inside the Kingdom.

The directory also includes a number of guidelines to tourists before and during their trip, such as proper planning for tourism trips inside the Kingdom, which includes transportation, accommodation, and selecting accredited tourism programs, in addition to the importance of checking the validity of identification documents. The directory advices the tourists not to carry large amount of cash, not to deal with unknown persons, and to keep attention on their personal belongings, credit cards, and the like. In addition, the guide provides guidelines for safe practices on the road, sports and diving safety measures, and preserving environmental elements, in addition to the necessary safety measures while in the desert.

The directory also provides a list of important numbers that the tourist might need such as the Tourism Contact Center, civil defense, passports authority, police patrols, Saudi Red Crescent, and costal grads, among others.