American Bus Association disappointed by Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s Travel Ban


Today, the American Bus Association (ABA) – representing the North American motorcoach, travel and tour industry – expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing the Trump Administration’s travel ban proposal to be implemented in its entirety, while the legal review of the merits of the ban continues to work its way through the lower courts.

“Instead of showing that America is open for business, this travel ban in its entirety will not only have a large economic impact but a cultural impact as well,” said Peter Pantuso, President & CEO of ABA. “I am concerned that by allowing the travel ban to proceed with full effect, will further suppress inbound international travel to the US, which is already in a decline. As the second largest export in the United States and the employer of more than 15 million Americans, the international tourism industry is key to the economic growth of this country.”

ABA has previously joined the travel and tourism community in calls on the Trump Administration to make clear statements that legitimate international business and leisure travelers remain welcomed and valued by the United States.

“While we agree that security should be the number one priority, there needs to be a balance,” Pantuso said. “After this ruling, it is time for the Trump Administration to proactively welcome legitimate international travelers and prove that America is truly “open for business.”