Cruise Ship business in Seychelles doing well


Cruise Ship business in Seychelles is doing well, as it is in the other Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands. The drive to attract news cruise ship companies and to increase the length of stay in our ports was the battle cry by the Vanilla Islands Organisation. Just last weekend, two ships were at Port Victoria and both tied up overnight at the Port Victoria Quay. The time is now to move to make Port Victoria more friendly to Cruise Ship Passengers if we want to continue to enjoy the growth in the cruise ship business we are currently enjoying.

Col. Andre Ciseau, the CEO of the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) used the 2017 Zambia Cruise Africa Meeting by the Industry leaders in Port and Maritime Operations of Eastern and Southern Africa (PMEASA) to spell out how the SPA was moving to tidy up Port Victoria to better accommodate the increased number of Cruise Ships arriving in Seychelles. The main gate of Port Victoria is commercial with container trucks and cargo vehicles in constant movement. Col Ciseau is organising a more ‘tourist friendly’ access corridor for Cruise Ship passengers that will bypass the cargo entrance, in a bid to ensure Seychelles ‘Port Victoria’ remains on the Port Call list for Cruise Ships. Works to tidy up the ‘tourist friendly’ access corridor has started.