Double tourism appointment for Slovenia’s Dimitrij Piciga


At the end of May, members of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) council re-elected current STB director Dimitrij Piciga for a new term of office. A few days later, in Brussels, Mr. Piciga was appointed vice president of the European Travel Commission (ETC) for the second time. With this reappointment, Slovenian tourism continues to play a role in the development and promotion of tourism in Europe and beyond.

Dimitrij Piciga said: “I am greatly honored to be reappointed vice president of the ETC and to have this opportunity to continue strengthening the role of Slovenia and Slovenian tourism at both the European and global level. I shall continue in my efforts to strengthen and further partnerships with the other members of the ETC. I also see this reappointment as an opportunity to position Slovenia as a green tourist destination among the target public in the tourism sector.”

The new president of the ETC is Ms. Petra Hedorfer, the director of Germany`s national tourist board. The other vice president, alongside Mr. Piciga, is Dr. Iván Róna, the director of the Hungarian national tourist board.