Oman tourism ministry to launch fresh and quirky ad campaign


MUSCAT, Oman (eTN) – Oman’s ministry of tourism is set to launch a new ad campaign to leverage the power of the media in a bid to promote Dhofar. It will use a quirky creative approach to sell Salalah as a fresh and exciting holiday adventure. According to Mohammed Tobi, the under secretary for the Ministry of Tourism, “This creative campaign will turn heads and make people think on how different and appealing Dhofar and Salalah are as a holiday destination in the Gulf.”

The Ministry’s advertisements are a clear break from the past, with advertisements using quirky visuals to cover the family and youth, and as well as the Salalah tourism festival. According to sources, the promotion will run on billboards across Oman, as well as in print media and promotional campaigns.

Said Tobi, “The campaign is an important step in showcasing Dhofar as a quality year-round holiday destination for Oman and GCC residents.” He added, “We took a significant change in creative approach to draw attention to Salalah, and I presume our work, in conjunction with TWBA/Zeenah, conveys the energy, freshness, and intensity of visitor experiences that are available in Dhofar.”

It will definitely expand the reach of awareness campaigns about the destination. This transition is more evident with the recent opening of The Salalah Marriott Resort at Mirbat (adding to the existing premium properties and apartments), current projects like Muriya property at Salalah beach and Sodah Island, and the upgrading of Salalah airport.

The Salalah Tourism Festival is slated for July 15 to August 30, and it is hoped this campaign will pull in more tourists. The region’s favorable weather, monsoon showers, water springs, and misty mountains are a hit with Gulf tourists looking for an escape from the searing summer heat in the rest of the Gulf.