Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority upgrades tracking capabilities


(eTN) The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) commissioned state-of-the-art tracking systems last weekend, aimed at improving the monitoring capacity of air traffic control in the extensive airspace surrounding the archipelago. It was also to the day 39 years ago that the international airport on Mahe opened its doors, or rather runways, to the first commercial flight landing on the island, at the time ringing in a new era for the Seychelles and triggering the tourism boom witnessed since then.

The new equipment was funded, according to a regular aviation source from Mahe, by “internally-generated income” of the SCAA and, therefore, bought in cash without any foreign or local bank loans involved. Air traffic control staff were ahead of the launch given extensive training on the new equipment and inbound planes to the international airport can now be given direct routes, which help to save fuel instead of following rigid air traffic corridors before starting their descent into Mahe.

Added the source: “We are, in fact, very proud today, and all the staff working with the new technology is Seychellois who have trained in recent years and now taken over these very important functions.”