SCTA expects SR 13 billion in revenues from domestic tourism during 2010 summer


According to a report issued by MAS, the Information & Research Center of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), the revenues of national tourism for the summer of 2010 will reach SR 13 billion (US$61.5 billion).

Mr. Abdullah Al Jehani, vice president of SCTA for marketing and media stated that MAS expected more than 11 million tourism trips inside the Kingdom, 80 million tourism nights occupancy in tourism accommodation sector against 75 million nights last year, which compromises a 4 percent increase in tourism activity. Mr. Al Jehani added that shopping and visiting relatives and friends are the most prominent tourism trends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This year’s tourism summer events were launched with a new identity under the theme “Saudi tourism… rich in its diversity.” Mr. Al Jehani emphasized that tourism events target citizen and expat tourists alike in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC.

To promote and facilitate information about the summer events and packages, the Tourism Contact Center provides assistance to tourists via its toll-free number (800 750 000) on tourism offers from hotels, furnished flats units, residential complexes, travel and tourism agencies, resorts, entertainment parks, museums, zoos, shopping malls, restaurants, sport clubs, airline offices, rental car offices, centers of collective transportation, railway stations and banks, festivals, events, and all other related information. In addition, the center receives the complaints and remarks from as usual in view of the tourist thrust in the season.

The events of Saudi summer 2010 takes place from July to September throughout the Kingdom.

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