What event organizers can learn from Obama and other world leaders

How do you talk to decision-makers about security without forcing them to reveal company secrets? The answer is scenario-based programming. CEOs love it.

In the event sector, you always have to be alert – as the market changes, so must your event. That can seem daunting, but losing your target group is scarier. With this in mind, we transformed the Safety Security Amsterdam exhibition into a knowledge event, taking a leaf out of Hollywood’s book with a series of blood-curdling films.

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The fact that the security market is in flux has been known for some time. Where there used to be various different providers of solutions for a range of security issues, in many cases this is no longer enough.The security issues are complex, and the bad guys know how to gain access to both physical and virtual systems – everything is interrelated. Customers are no longer seeking products. They require comprehensive solutions, and this has repercussions on exhibitions.There is also an increased need for knowledge. But how do we bring these issues into the open?

Openness about secrets

Security is an exciting sector involving crooks, fires, terrorists, and cybercrime.

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