Traveling from train to ship: Comfortable and sustainable


The partnership agreement signed between MSC Cruises and Trenitalia was announced in Naples onboard MSC Meraviglia – the flagship of the fleet launched last June.

The agreement marks a further step towards the development of an integrated mobility project that can enhance the customer experience of tourists and travelers through strategic partnerships. The capillarity and frequency of Frecce (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca), InterCity, and Trenitalia regional sectors, together with the Thello international offer, blends perfectly with the cruising needs of a comfortable and secure connection with their own port of embarkation in Genoa, Venice, and Civitavecchia.

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Travelers can count on a single multi-vessel train ticket, available at all travel agencies with Trenitalia and MSC Cruises, and will provide value-added service to the customer.

“The ‘door to door’ journey,” explained Leonardo Massa, Country Manager Italy of MSC Cruises, “becomes a unique and exclusive experience, designed to fully enjoy every moment of the vacation, from the first to the last instant. The idea of adding to the cruise the long-distance services of Trenitalia confirms the sensitivity and the attention of MSC Cruises to its cruisers who, thanks to this initiative, will easily reach the ports of embarkation from many Italian locations.

With the agreement between Trenitalia and MSC Cruises, a concept is presented that allows travelers to experience every moment of the holiday in an even more relaxed, comfortable, and convenient way.

“MSC Cruises lives one of the most exciting moments of its history. Just a few months after the baptism of MSC Meraviglia and pending the arrival of another 10 new units to continue growth by expanding the offer in all seas of the world, we intend to do even more, pledging to guarantee those who choose a MSC cruise the ultimate in comfort even before reaching the port and ship,” concluded Massa.

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