Pop and Rock trains set to take off in Piedmont, Italy


The Piedmont region in Italy placed an order to Trenitalia for 9 new trains named Pop and Rock for an investment amounting to 102 million euros. The coming into service is scheduled from 2020.

Five additional convoys could be added for another 42 million euros. The announcement was given by the Region’s President, Sergio Chiamparino, during the preview of the new regional fleet convoys at the Trenitalia roadshow in Turin.

Technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, recyclable, comfortable, easily customizable, and, ultimately, entirely made in Italy: they are the features of the next generation Pop and Rock trains manufactured by Alstom Italia and by Hitachi Rail Italy who has been awarded the supply at the end of an international contest.

Two real-time models were located in the setup Village in Piazza Castello, Turin, for the public to visit up to November 8. The new convoys will be partly intended to strengthen the structure of the SFM-Metropolitan Rail Service and partly to improve commuting services in the Piedmont capital city, Turin.

Piedmont train ribbon-cutting

The Piedmont contract is part of the framework agreement signed by Trenitalia, which provides for the supply to the regions affected by the 450 service trains total contracts (300 Rock of Hitachi Rail Italy and 150 Pop of Alstom Italia) for an investment of over 4 billion euro. The goal of this unprecedented “iron cure” by Minister Graziano Del Rio, (Italian Minister for Transports) as part of an overall rail transport recovery strategy, which will lead to the renewal of 75% of the Trenitalia fleet by 2023, is to develop and sustain a collective, integrated, and sustainable mobility.

“At the moment, our priority is regional transport,” said Orazio Iacono, CEO of Trenitalia, “where we are gaining customer satisfaction, reaching 82%, increasing overall by +11.5% in the last 3 years. With new trains, we do not only target commuters but also those encourage those who travel by car to commute to the train services. As far as consumption concerns, it is foreseen a 30% energy saving on the previous trains generation.”

The environmental relapse is also one of the motivations that led to the choice of the Piedmont region, as pointed out by Chiamparino, along with the desire to “increase the use of public transport and, through demand, to strengthen the productivity of the plants present in the territory. We are moving in two directions: working in partnership with State Railways and the Ministry of Transport to renew the network, for [an] 800-million-euro investment, and evaluating the trusts through competitive comparison.”

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