NOHGA HOTEL to open its first hotel in Ueno, Tokyo

This hotel brand represents part of the Group's efforts to actively promote — using hotels as a starting point — the creation of cities that lead the way to tomorrow.

NOHGA HOTEL to open its first hotel in Ueno, Tokyo

Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Nomura Real Estate Hotels Co., Ltd. have announced the launch of a new self-operated hotel brand, NOHGA HOTEL, planned to open in Ueno, Tokyo in the fall of 2018.

This hotel brand represents part of the Group’s efforts to actively promote — using hotels as a starting point — the creation of cities that lead the way to tomorrow, and the creation of communities that links individuals to societies, and societies to cities.

In its medium/long-term business plan released in November 2015 (to be achieved by March 2025), the Group listed the growth of the size and expansion of its business range in the field of development as one of its key strategies. Within this strategy, the Group is strongly focusing to create “urban-type compact towns” that are both multifunctional and highly convenient. Since the release of the business plan, the Group has developed and launched the OUKAS brand of senior housing, and now “NOHGA” has been added as a hotel business to the its range. The Group will continue to move forward in “building cities that connect today with tomorrow’s possibilities” and “embracing every moment of life’s pursuits with people and communities”.


The current hotel market in Japan is mainly composed of luxury city hotels and budget hotels targeted for business travelers. However, with increasing number of foreign tourists visiting Japan, the demand of hotel travelers has changed gradually. There is a growing trend for hotels to be judged not on the basis of their convenience and affordability alone, but more on uniqueness that matches their personal preference and style, having more interest in how they spend their time during their stay.

In response, the Company will be developing a hotel brand that creates a new value, based on the concept of offering guests an unforgettable experience that grows out of deep ties with the local community.

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As well as its refined sense of quality, each hotel will be designed based on the “color” of the community where it is located and will feature unique items including furniture, amenities, and art pieces made in collaboration with local craftspeople and designers, encouraging guests to engage the local culture within the hotel. What is more, NOHGA will offer generously sized lobbies and lounges with a hint of warmth, aiming to create a comfortable “home away from home” where guests can truly relax as though they were in their own home.

For hotel guests to develop deep ties to the local community that will give opportunities to many unforgettable encounters, the staff will proactively engage with guests to introduce the area’s charms. A variety of services will be available to encourage guests to explore the “charms” of the local culture and history for these encounters.


The Ueno area, where the NOHGA HOTEL UENO will be located, is full of art & cultural facilities, including Ueno Park and the National Museum of Western Art, and tourist attractions like Ameya-Yokocho Market where visitors can experience downtown culture of the city. Nearby Asakusa is similarly a bustling area within the same ward of Taito visited by a large number of tourists. The area is also known to be a base of many craftspeople of, for instance, Edo-kiriko glass specialist, Tokyo silversmith, and other traditional crafts that have been practiced since the Edo period (1603-1868), as well as young designers and artists.

Ties to the Local Area

It is planned for the hotel to collaborate primarily with the following partners’ products and design creativity to be incorporated into the hotel’s designs and amenities: Kimoto Glassware Co., Ltd., the first enterprise in Japan to develop black Edo-kiriko glass and continues to offer new glassware and glass objects; Kyo-gen Inc., a family-crest designer, creates pieces based on the concept of “family crests as a form of design”; SyuRo Inc., an interior go ods store offering designs that adapt traditional Japanese techniques to contemporary lifestyles.

In such abundant environment, the hotel will regularly host on-site events and workshops led by craftspeople, designers, chefs, sommeliers, and other “creators” from the neighborhood, in order to give hotel guests and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences.

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