Destination El Salvador and Avianca: A 48 hour stop – tourism minister explains

Destination El Salvador and Avianca: A 48 hour stop – tourism minister explains

At World Tourism Market (WTM) El Salvador went all out to introduce the 48 perfect hours an Avianca transit passenger would have to get a taste of this Central American Country and a quick tourism experience.

Organized by the El Salvador Ambassador to the UK, the El Salvador Minister of Tourism, Hon. Mr. José Napoleón Duarte together with Sigfrido Reyes from PROESA Investment Organization and representatives Beatriz Contreras of the El Salvador Tourism Chamber invited key media and trade for a lunch on Monday to introduce the Avianca stopover program.

After watching the presentation it appears El Salvador is a lot more than a stopover destination. Showcasing a combination of stunning nature and beaches, surfing, hiking, mountain climbing and a unique culture, 48 hours is only a teaser.

Avianca is a key airline with a hub in San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador. Avianca will stop charging a stopover fee for passengers wanting to take advantage of a short holiday of no more than 48 hours. In addition, the government will not charge the US$ 37.00 airport tax. Passengers need to book a tour to get the tax exemption.

The program is meant to increase interest in El Salvador as a tourism destination in encouraging the many transit passenger to get a taste of the country.

There is a lot to taste, not only the Beer Brewing Tour or the food tour. El Salvador is an adventure, there are the turtles, the volcano, the national parks, the colorful cities – to fit this in 48 hours is the only challenge.

Rodrigo Moreno from Salvadorean Tours told eTN:

This is a great option for travelers to make the most of their time during their connection in El Salvador International Airport. With at least 5 hours, travelers may visit many activities such as San Salvador City, San Salvador Volcano, visit a UNESCO Protected Site, enjoy the beach or eat the famous national and worldwide known dish: “Las Pupusas”. At Salvadorean Tours, we offer the best experiences for your Layover in San Salvador. Plus, we will also coordinate a fast custom transition inside the airport for you not to waste time on long queues and enjoy your tour.”

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