It’s collagen before carbon for UK holidaymakers

It’s collagen before carbon for UK holidaymakers

It’s collagen before carbon for UK holidaymakers

Being ‘green’ is less important than having white teeth or a bronzed body for UK holidaymakers, according to research released Monday 6 November at World Travel Market London – the leading global event for the travel industry.

The World Travel Market London 2017 Industry Report reveals travellers prefer to spend money on getting ‘beach ready’ than offsetting their carbon footprint – despite the fact the majority claim to care about the impact their travel has on the environment.

Three-quarters of respondents claim the environment and sustainability are important when they travel, yet the same proportion admits they do not bother offsetting their carbon emissions, while 26% say they do not think about responsible tourism.

Instead, they are more likely to spend money on improving their appearance, including paying for cosmetic surgery or a spray tan.

When asked: “How much do you spend pre-holiday to get yourself beach ready?” one in three (33%) said they spend up to £100; 16% spend in the region of £100-£199 and 6% spend somewhere between £200-£299.

A further 4% spend £300 or more, while 33% spend nothing and 8% are not sure how much they spend on pre-holiday purchases.

When asked what their pre-holiday spend goes on, 86% buy new clothes; 54% buy new shoes and 46% buy a new bikini or swimwear. Brits also spend on beauty treatments, with 24% spending money on a manicure/pedicure; 24% splashing out on a spray tan; 7% paying to have their teeth whitened and 4% paying for cosmetic surgery.

Three quarters (76%) of respondents said the environment and sustainability is important in their choice of holiday or destination, with 10% saying it is ‘very important’. Of the rest, 40% answered ‘somewhat important’, while 20% said it is ‘quite important’.

However, 73% do not offset their carbon emissions when they fly. Of those that do, only 5% offset emissions on all flights; 10% offset emissions on two out of three flights while 13% ‘sometimes’ offset their carbon emissions, on about one out of three flights.

Almost a quarter (23%) of respondents hold their hands up to say the environment and sustainability is not important, with 6% saying the issue is ‘not at all important’ and 17% saying it’s not very important.

The research also reveals 19% do not consider responsible tourism when on holiday, such as shopping locally or adhering to hotels’ policies on re-using bath towels.

When asked whether the travel and tourism industry is doing enough to reduce its contribution to climate change, holidaymakers are split 50/50.

WTM London’s Paul Nelson said: “Our research shows that, while UK holidaymakers pay lip service to being green, in reality they’re more likely to pay to have their teeth whitened, get a bronzed beach body, or have liposuction than spend on offsetting their carbon footprint.”

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