Laminaar Aviation Infotech has announced that Spanish flag carrier and prominent IAG member-airline Iberia, has gone ‘live’ with ARMS® V2.5 (Aviation Resource Management System) Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS) comprising – Fleet Controller, Fleet-Watch/Flight Following, Day of Operations Board and Slot Manager applications. This comes as part of Phase 1 of deployment, with other applications to follow progressively in accordance with a phased implementation plan.

Iberia has contracted with Laminaar for a complete Operations Management Solution that includes ARMS® V2.5 Flight Operations and Crew Management applications along with Optimizers.

Director OCC and Crew Planning for Iberia – Ramiro Oliveira, expressed his happiness at the outcome and thanked the Laminaar team for their “dedication, effort and push to make ARMS® (FOSS) a reality in IBERIA“.

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Operations IT Portfolio Manager for Group IT Projects and Application Development at Iberia – Antonio Ruiz, also congratulated the teams, thanked the Laminaar team for their support and highlighting particularly, “the excellent support received during ‘go-live'”.

Managing Director & CEO of Laminaar – Vivek Sheorey, expressed great pleasure at the development and lauded both teams, stating, “ARMS® V2.5 FOSS has replaced 4 existing 3rdparty systems at Iberia, thereby integrating the fragmented silos into one unified and consolidated solution! It was a complex project but Iberia and ARMS® teams worked closely together to complete this daunting transformation task successfully!

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